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Webster Wisconsin Resorts and Campgrounds
Contact Us
Devils Lake Park Resort
27625 Gables Rd
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 866-7268

27925 Lone Pine Rd
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 866-8255

Lucky Strike Resort
27695 Ettinger Rd
Webster, Wisconsin
(800) 787-4900

3880 Normans Landing Rd
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 866-7576

South Shore Resort
27130 Corcoran Rd
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 866-8242

27950 Yellow Lake Rd
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 866-8343

Wagner's Port Sand Resort & Campground
4904 State Road 70
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 349-2395

Wallace Resort
27208 State Road 35
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 866-8252

White Tail Wilderness Campground
27225 State Road 35
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 866-8276

Voyager Village Campground
28281 County Road C
Webster, Wisconsin
(715) 259-4161
"Take a drive to the Webster Area and discover it is just the kind of place that you'll take to your heart and find yourself coming back to again and again." 
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