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About Anything Wisconsin

Thanks for visiting. I guess if you're here you want to know something about who you're dealing with. I was born and raised in Wisconsin. Graduated Cadott High School class of 1967. Except for some time spent in North Carolina (1991-1998) I've lived in Wisconsin all my life. I missed the winters and just had to come back. Spring is my favorite time of year though. It means I've survived another winter and I love seeing the trees and everything come back to life.

I've been working with computers since 1982, the old DOS day's. After the world wide web came along I wanted to know how it worked so in July of 2000 I created I wanted the site to be an informational resource for anyone interested in visiting Wisconsin. The site has grown from a few pages to hundreds and it's still growing. It gets thousands of visitors a month from many countries and I get emails from many of them. Some asking for information, others just saying they enjoyed their visit. Most of all I get requests for cheap lakefront property. Like I'd tell them if I knew of any.

I've helped a woman in Austria find a sausage company in Milwaukee and a 6th grade student in Kansas with her school report on Wisconsin. I truly enjoy working on the site and hope you enjoy visiting it. By the way I do most of the graphic design myself.

Please remember that I depend on you, the visitor, for information too. So if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for the site please contact me. Just click on the contact us link at the bottom of every page to send me an email. If clicking the link does not work for you, send your email to webmaster at .or send snail mail to:

Anything Wisconsin

Eau Claire,
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