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Snowmobile Safety Tips
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Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during snowmobile operation. Alcohol is a factor in a majority of fatal and non-fatal snowmobile accidents. Drinking alcohol impairs judgement, slows reaction time and has a negative affect on vision, coordination and balance. Incidents of hypothermia increase with drinking, as alcohol causes body temperatures to drop at a faster rate.

Slow down. Speed is a contributing factor in nearly all fatal snowmobiling accidents, especially at night. Drivers should proceed at a pace that will allow enough reaction time for any situation. Drive at moderate speeds, and stay alert.

Carry an emergency/first-aid kit, flashlight, knife, compass, map, waterproof matchesflares, replacement spark plugs, spare drive belt, and a tool kit.

Whenever possible avoid riding on lakes and rivers. If you must ride on ice stay on trails and away from ice with rapidly moving water beneath it. Moving water and snow accumulations affect the thickness of the ice.

Dress appropriately. Always wear a DOT approved helmet with goggles or a face shield to prevent injuries from snapping branches and debris. Wear layers of warm clothing and make sure you have no loose ends that might catch in the machine.

Stay on marked trails or, where allowed, on the right shoulder of the road. Be alert for things that may be concealed by snow, such as wire fences or tree stumps.

Always ride with a friend. In the case of a accident or break down it's good to have another party available to either give you a ride or to send for help if needed. Most accidents result in injury and you don't want to be alone and injured. If you must travel alone tell someone your route and estimated return time.

Don't forget your phone. While they may not work in all areas it may work at the top of the next hill and could mean the difference between life and death.

Don't ride in bad weather. Plan your trip and check the trail conditions before you leave.

Always perform a .