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Pelican Lake Wisconsin Resorts and Campgrounds
Contact Us
Chet & Emil's Resort
2076 County Road G
Pelican Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 487-5512 Christian's Campground
480 Eagle Lake Rd
Pelican Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 487-5660
1062 Wieth Dr
Pelican Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 487-5250

Loon Crest Lodge
841 US Highway 45
Pelican Lake, WI 54463
(715) 487-6040

Martin House Resort
898 County Road Q
Pelican Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 487-5417
"Pelican Lake has 3,585 surface acres and is up to 39 feet deep, with large expanses of open water, coontail and cabbage weed flats, several weedy bays, rock and weed humps, points and enough other structures that attract musky, walleye..."  From the site.
Nordic Hills Campground
2060 County Road Q
Pelican Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 487-5227

2007 Sabinois Point Drive
Pelican Lake, WI 54463
(715) 487-5272


1001 Weaver Rd
Pelican Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 487-5217