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Montello Wisconsin Resorts and Campgrounds
Contact Us

555 Lake Ave
Montello, Wisconsin
(888) 297-2915

Call of The Wild Campground
N2523 Lakeview Dr
Montello, Wisconsin
(608) 589-5544

Fischers Crooked River Campground
W4054 11th Rd
Montello, Wisconsin
(608) 297-7307

W 913 W. Northshore Drive
Montello, Wisconsin
(920) 295-6723

N4492 Fern Ave
Montello, Wisconsin
(608) 297-2344

W781 Fox Ct
Montello, Wisconsin
(920) 295-3000
"the Montello area is genuinely blessed with nature's wonders. Several sparkling lakes teeming with fish and wildlife surround Montello. Area wetlands and woodlands are home to many rare species of wildlife" 
From site.

W781 Fox Court
Montello, Wisconsin
(920) 295-3000

W505 Huron Bay Dr
Montello, Wisconsin
(920) 295-6507

W5303 County Road C
Montello, Wisconsin
(608) 589-5390

Scharenbergs White Lake Beach Resort
N4785 19th Ave
Montello, Wisconsin
(608) 297-2278

W1680 Country Club Dr
Montello, Wisconsin
(608) 297-2255

Zimmerman's Resort
316 County Road B
Montello, Wisconsin
(608) 297-2647