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Grilling Vegetables
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I like potatoes, peppers, onions, and zucchini but you can do whatever you like. For long veggies like zucchini try cutting it lengthwise instead of slicing.

Rinse, trim, and cut up vegetables. If necessary, precook vegetables. In a saucepan, bring a small amount of water to boiling. Add vegetables and simmer, covered until partially cooked. Drain well. Coat vegetables with oil, melted margarine, or butter before grilling to prevent them from sticking to the grill rack. Grill over medium or medium-hot coals. I sometimes coat the veggies with Italian dressing for added flavor.

Place vegetables on a piece of heavy foil or on the grill rack directly over the heat. You can buy a grilling rack at many stores in a variety of styles. I like higher sides so the veggies don't spill over the sides and into the fire. If you're putting them directly on the grill rack, cut into pieces big enough so they won't fall through the grate and into the fire. Grill untill tender, turning occasionally. Watch closely to prevent charring.

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