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Fujita Tornado Scale
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Fujita Tornado Scale

F-Scale / Intensity Phrase Wind Strength / Frequency Description of Damage
Gale tornado
40-72 mph
35-62 knots
64-116 kph
Minimal Damage - Some damage to chimneys, TV antennas, roof shingles and windows. Breaks branches off trees, pushes over shallow-rooted trees, damages sign boards.
Moderate tornado
73-112 mph
63-97 knots
117-180 kph
Moderate Damage - Automobiles overturned, carports destroyed, trees uprooted, peels surface off roofs, mobile homes pushed off foundations or overturned, moving autos pushed off the roads.
Significant tornado
113-157 mph
98-136 knots
181-253 kph
Major Damage - Roofs torn off frame homes, sheds and outbuildings are demolished, mobile homes overturned or destroyed,   boxcars pushed over; large trees snapped or uprooted, light object missiles generated.
Severe tornado
158-206 mph
137-179 knots
254-332 kph
Severe Damage - Exterior walls and roofs blown off well-built houses, metal buildings collapsed or are severely damaged, trains overturned, forests and farmland flattened, heavy cars lifted off the ground and thrown.
Devastating tornado
207-260 mph
180-226 knots
333-419 kph
Devastating Damage - Few walls, if any, standing in well-built houses,  structures with weak foundations blown off some distance,  large steel and concrete missiles thrown far distances, cars thrown.
Incredible tornado
261-318 mph
227-276 knots
420-512 kph
less than 1%
Incredible Damage - Homes leveled with all debris removed, strong frame houses lifted off foundations and carried considerable distances to disintegrate. Schools, motels, and other larger structures have considerable damage with exterior walls and roofs gone, steel re-inforced concrete structures badly damaged. Automobile sized missiles fly through the air in excess of 100 meters, trees debarked.
Inconceivable tornado
319-379 mph
277-329 knots
513-610 kph
less than 1%
These winds are very unlikely. The small area of damage they might produce would probably not be recognizable along with the mess produced by F4 and F5 wind that would surround the F6 winds. Missiles, such as cars and refrigerators would do serious secondary damage that could not be directly identified as F6 damage. If this level is ever achieved, evidence for it might only be found in some manner of ground swirl pattern, for it may never be identifiable through engineering studies
We get a lot of tornados in Wisconsin.  Here's a scale to help you determine the scale or intensity of those storms.  The Fujita Scale is used to rate the intensity of a tornado by examining the damage caused by the tornado after it has passed over a man-made structure.