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Balsam Lake Wisconsin Resorts
Contact Us
Sunset View Resort
701 Pearson Rd
Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 485-3178

700 N State Road 46
Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 485-3271

Fox Den Motel & Resort
101 County Road I
Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 485-3400

Tanglewood Resort
509 Park Dr
Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 485-3882
"Beautiful Balsam Lake, a progressive community where friendliness is only surpassed by the stunning scenery. The Village is nestled on the largest lake in the area (2,054 acres), which is teeming with fish to satisfy the most avid of anglers. The unique shoreline stretches 65 miles and the lake is dotted with picturesque islands and bays."  from
Hunky Dory Farms Resort
2006 70th St
Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 857-5211

Apple River Campgrounds North
956 165th Ave
Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 268-8980

625 N State Road 46
Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
(715) 485-3561
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