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Ten Best Places To Have Your Binoculars Handy - Just In Case
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Ten Best Places To Have Your Binoculars Handy - Just In Case

Binoculars can be a handy thing to have in a variety of places, but what are the ten best places to have your binoculars handy?

This is the question we intend to explore in this article. Put your thinking caps on, and get ready to explore the ten best places to have your binoculars handy!

Top Ten
1. Sporting events: Whether it is a professional game, or just your son or daughters soccer game, sporting events have to be one of the top ten. With a pair of , you could zoom right into your son or daughter and experience the action with them. Or, you could go with a wider view and see a bigger portion of the field. Imagine being able to see the nervous sweat drip down your favourite pitchers brow as he sizes up the opponent. All of this is possible with a pair of binoculars.

2. Nature Hikes: A hike just wouldn't be the same without a pair of binoculars. There is so much to see and experience when walking a trail. There are birds and animals that you wouldn't have a hope of seeing clearly without a good pair of binoculars.

3. Boating: Boating has to be one of the top ten. If it wasn't, why would they make marine binoculars? You'll be able to see fish jumping from the water, as well as things on shore that would be too far without a pair of binoculars.

4. Astronomy: Anyone can look at the night sky with their naked eye, but are they able to make out the details of the moon? Are they able to see the planets clearly? Not likely. When looking up at the heavens, binoculars are the most important tool to any star gazer. Just ask one, if you don't believe me.

5. Hunting: Any hunter worth his salt owns a pair of . Some swear by range finder binoculars and some only have a pair of regular binoculars. No matter which kind you have, binoculars are almost a must if you want to have success at hunting.

6. Opera's: They make special binoculars that look sort of like glasses, just for opera's. If you're on the balcony, chances are the people singing look like tiny stick men.

7. Concerts: We can't forget these, can we? Have you ever been to a rock concert and couldn't see because you bought crappy seats? I have, and while the music is great, it's really only half the show. Don't miss out, bring a pair of binoculars.

8. Birding: Lots of people love to watch birds. This is almost impossible without a good pair of binoculars.

9. Travelling: Who knows when you might need a set of binoculars? If you're travelling to an exotic place or a new country, be sure to take along your binoculars.

10. Glove Box: You're travelling along in your car and see a deer off in the distance. It looks small to the naked eye, but if you were to pull over and use the binoculars that are handy in your glove box, you'd be able to see the deer more clearly. Every time you take a car ride, there's a possibility for adventure.

And that rounds out our top ten places to have your binoculars handy. As you can see, binoculars can be useful in a variety of places. You never know when you'll need them. Don't be caught without your binoculars, and enjoy the sights they can afford you.

I hope this list helps, and good luck!

About the Author
Scott Gray is a freelance author and outdoor enthusiast who loves to provide useful information about choosing the

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