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Why Should You Buy A Pontoon Boat?
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Why Should You Buy A Pontoon Boat?
By Roy F. Brown

You'll never find a better riding boat. Combine that with the open floor plan and luxurious seating, and it's almost like having your living room on the water. A 25 foot pontoon can carry 15 people (or more) comfortably. One of the best features is that you can talk to people without having to shout, since the motor is below and behind the seats and sun bed.

The same size of a different style boat does not have the same amount of space for your passengers to walk around in. You'd have to squeeze by when trying to move from one position to the other. It's more like riding in a car with assigned seating.

If you like the sun, leave the top down, and for those of you who like to be protected from the sun simply put the top up. Many models come with built in coolers, galley, live well, refrigerator, recliners, and tables for playing cards or serving up snacks. If you have young people that like to swim a ladder would be a good investment. Many come with state of the art stereo systems with external audio jacks, allowing you to plug in your ipod or mp3 player. Mine has a usb port, so I can plug in a flash drive and play music directly from it. Everything you need for entertaining friends and family!

There is an incredible amount of storage space for all your water toys and personal items. You can purchase a camping enclosure allowing you to spent the nights on the water or a "pop up" privacy enclosure, to accommodate a portable toilet and also provide a private space for changing clothes.

I was lucky and had a brother that owned a traditional speed boat and a sister that had a pontoon, so I had the opportunity to experience both before making a decision on which I wanted to own. While a speed boat will get you from point A to point B faster, for me it's just not as enjoyable. When you have to hang on to something to feel safe while boating it's not fun or relaxing, at least not for me. My brother and his family like their boat and use it for water skiing and tubing, but you never see the entire family out one time, usually two or three people in the boat and one on ski's. On the other hand my sister and her husband will take their kids and grandchildren out for a day on the lake, all at one time, and can still pull a tube behind. I have seen pontoon boats pulling skiers but can't imagine how much gas they're going through.

So, why should you but a pontoon boat? It is my opinion that you'll never find a more enjoyable way to be on the water.

Here's a picture of my 2005 Bennington, equipped with a 90 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor. I love it but would not get the fishing seats in the front next time.

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